Originals by Frankie

Artist Frankie Couch paints original art with a southwestern flare.

   Art is indispensable to a fulfilling life.  Frankie Couch understands the importance of art to enhance the lives of not only the artist but the viewer as well.  She lives to share her gift with the world.  Now you can bring a piece of her inspired love of nature into your own home.  Browse through her collection to see how she channels the freedom of spirit and independence from the Southwest into each of her pieces of art. 
   Frankie uses a variety of mediums to satisfy her passion for landscape and still life.  She uses oils, pastels, watercolors, or acrylics on a variety of surfaces including canvas, and seashells to express her artistic vision.  Her paintings are bursting with life.
    Each Frankie Couch piece is a true original.  Links to the collection are at the top of each page and contact information is in the orange box on the left of each page.  Don't forget to like our Facebook page to keep up with all Frankie's activities and latest creations.  

   Thank you for coming.    


“Many artists are concerned with equipment and supplies.  Most important is your enthusiasm and discipline.  First go for a love of an image that comes from your heart so it will make it to your paper or canvas.”    ~   Frankie Couch

Summer is here!


The lazy days of summer.  Time to relax and travel, and maybe do a little fishing.


Please take a look at my paintings.  Hopefully, one will speak to you. 


Give me a call to purchase!


Fishing Boat Oil 8x10 $325. SOLD!

This painting by Frankie Couch was selected as Painting of the Month and Painting of the Year by Trinity Art Guild.  The guild also selected Ms Couch as their Artist of the Year!

Every painting Frankie Couch creates is an original.  She makes no copies.  All the concepts depicted are the result of her artistic vision so no two items will ever be exactly alike.

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