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Artist Frankie Couch was born in St. Louis, Missouri, knowing she had to paint.  At age 8, her family moved to California.  There her father fueled her passion for painting by taking her on drives up the coast, followed by long afternoons of painting what they had seen.

Frankie painted at every opportunity.  One of her favorite works from that time is a portrait of the little girl she someday wished to have – a painting that looks remarkably like the daughter she eventually did have. 

When Frankie started her family, painting took a backseat.  She turned her artistic talent to modeling with her daughter.  When the child began school, Frankie opened her own modeling and charm school.
    In the 1970’s Frankie moved to Texas, where as a now single mother of two, she worked in interior decorating and design and eventually real estate.  After retiring from a successful 40 years as a realtor in the Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas she began to seriously pursue her first love – art.


As a full time artist Frankie Couch has won local recognition and many awards for her work.  Her love of nature is always incorporated into her creations.  Her signature pieces are paintings featuring bluebonnet flowers, done on shells gathered from Grapevine Lake in Grapevine, Texas.  The bluebonnets honor Frankie’s adopted home state and to give a nod to the late landscape artist Porfirio Salinas, who was noted for his paintings of bluebonnets.  Frankie’s daughter once studied under the great Porfirio Salinas making his influence all the more meaningful to her.

Frankie Couch’s paintings are on display at the Gallery at Midtown in Valley View Center, which is one of the largest art galleries in Dallas, Texas.  

Frankie Couch is the only artist to have her original ornaments, Christmas cards and note cards offered in the Irving Art Center Gift Shop.

   In 2014, Frankie Couch had a private showing in the Jaycee Art Center in Irving, Texas.

For the past seven years, Frankie Couch has organized the program that provides scholarships to high school students in the area, to allow them to follow their dreams in the art world.
   Frankie Couch handles corporate art for the Irving Art Association which promotes artists by displaying their work in local businesses and retirement homes.

Every year she donates a hand painted ornament for the Midtown Gallery sale which benefits the Stray Dog No Kill shelter.

   Frankie Couch proudly represented the Irving Arts Association at the special exhibit Peruvian Gold:  Ancient Treasures Unearthed, which was presented in partnership with the National Geographic Museum in Washington, DC, held October 4 to December 31, 2014, at the Irving Arts Center, Irving, TX.  Irving was the only location ourside of Washington, DC, to host Peruvian Gold.  This exposure led to increased sales of her miniature paintings, Christmas cards and shells.

Frankie has always loved animals and has had an assortment share her life.  It is not unusual to be met by a number of dogs in her house.  At the moment, the only one living with Frankie full time is Sushi.  Sushi loves watching Frankie paint and can often be found in a chair near the easel giving her opinion of the color choices.

Recently, Frankie took in a parrot named Jackie.  Jackie's owner had died suddenly and he was grief stricken.  He was not responding well where he was so Frankie brought him home with her where he can get a lot of understanding and attention as he heals.

Every painting Frankie Couch creates is an original.  She makes no copies.  All the concepts depicted are the result of her artistic vision so no two items will ever be exactly alike.

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