Oil paint became the principal medium used for creating artworks as its advantages became widely known.

Working with oils is an experience unlike any other. The way the paints flow over the canvas, the thickness of them, and their unique texture create images that seem to breathe and shimmer with life. The landscapes and still lifes I create with my oil paints capture my vision of the natural world my eyes have seen.  Images of the Southwest, with its vast landscapes of breathtaking beauty heavily influence my painting. If you’re interested in purchasing any of these inspiring images, please contact me directly.

Barnyard King 8x10 Oil $250 SOLD!
Indian girl 11x13 oil $225.00 framed $150 unframed
Farm in the Country 12 x 24. Oil $225.00 unframed
Walk in a park 10 x 20 oil $125.00 unframed
Beginning of Spring 12 x 16 oil $225.00 unframed
Texas In Bloom 16 x 24 oil $400.00 unframed
Italian Villas 12 x 24 oil $325.00 SOLD!
Hill Country Bluebonnets 12x24 oil on canvas $375.00 unframed
Peonies 12x24 oil $375.00 unframed
Bluebonnet Heritage 4x12 oil on canvas $125
Spring in Blue 4x12 oil on canvas $125
Texas Blues 4x12 oil on canvas $125
Glowing Santa Fe 8x10 framed oil $225
SOLD! (Snowy Hideaway 16x20 oil $325)
Sedona Hills 16x20 oil $225
SOLD! (King Rooster 8x10 oil $250).
Spring in New Mexico 5x7 framed oil $125
SOLD! (Apache 10x20 oil $350).
Daughter 9x12 oil $225
SOLD! (Market Day!" 9x12 oil $200)
"I'll be yer Huckleberry!" – Doc Holiday 8x10 oil $175
Mandala oil on leather $25
Indian Bowl and Girl 8x10 oil $200

Every painting Frankie Couch creates is an original.  She makes no copies.  All the concepts depicted are the result of her artistic vision so no two items will ever be exactly alike.

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