Mom's Tools

Mom is always buying tools.  Everytime she needs a hammer or a screwdriver, she can't find one.  So, back to the store she goes to buy what she needs.  She puts it in the drawer and when she goes to use it again, it's gone.  She hunts and hunts but can't find where it went, so, she buys another.


Dad never puts his tools away.  He leaves them wherever he last used them.  But he knows if he cannot find a hammer or a screwdriver, he can probably find one in the kitchen drawer.  It is amazing how they keep winding up there.


Ladies, do your tools keep disappearing?  Can you not "prove" they are yours?  We have the perfect solution!


Introducing, Mom's Tools.  Beautiful tool sets you can identify as yours because of the original artwork that distinguishes them from all others.  Order yours today!


A bargain at $59.99 with free shipping in the USA.  You get a tool box with a hammer, flat head screwdriver, phillips screwdriver, wire cutters, needlenose pliers and pliers.  All decorated with the Originals by Frankie design you choose.



Blue Bonnet $59.99 - Free shipping!
close up of blue bonnet design

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