Watercolor paintings flow and breathe life into any room.

Watercolors can be a tricky medium with which to work. Their unruly nature is not for the faint of heart. However, when you find your way with watercolors, you can create masterpieces that combine fluidity and color into a mesmerizing image. My watercolor still lifes and landscapes embody both the beauty and independence of the natural world. If you’re interested in purchasing any of my wild and free watercolor images, please contact me directly.

Daisies, 9x12, watercolor, $50.00
Fishing in the Quiet, 9x12, watercolor, $50.00
Tree in the Wood, 9x12, watercolor, $50.00
London Town, 9 x12, watercolor $50.00
Standing in the fog, 9x12, watercolor, $50.00
Splashing Sea, watercolor canvas, $75.00
Venice, watercolor, $75.00
Rough Seas, watercolor on board, 10x10 $75.00
Splashing Waves, watercolor, 11x 15, unmatted or framed, $85.00
View Beyond, watercolor, 11x15, unmatted or framed, $85.00
Walk in the Snow, watercolor, 10x13 framed $95:00
Autumn Calm, watercolor, 10x13 framed $95:00
Colonial Watercolor, 9x12, watercolor, $75.00
Bouquet of Spring, 11x14, watercolor, $75.00
South Carolina, 11x14, watercolor, $75.00
Little Town in Scotland, 11x14, watercolor, matted, $75.00
The Soft Desert, 11x14, watercolor, matted, $40.00
Big Ben Country 9 x 12 watercolor $75.00
Flower Market 9 x 12 watercolor $75.00 matted
Through The Arbor 10x15 watercolor $125.00
Blue Ridge Festible 8x10 watercolor $125.00
Charleston, South Carolina 8x8 watercolor $25
South Florida 8x8 watercolor $25
Spring Bouquet 9x12 watercolor, unframed $50.00
Rooster 8x10 watercolor, matted $25.00 SOLD!
Colorado Aspens 7x11 watercolor $50.00
Shopping Downtown 11 x 12 Watercolor $95.00
Black-eyed Susan 11x15 unframed watercolor $25
Peonies Watercolor 11x15 unframed watercolor $25
Azalea Road 8x8 unframed watercolor $25.00
Indian Girl 6x11 framed watercolor $85
Sold! Indian Prayer (6 x 11 watercolor $125)
Cards (various sizes) watercolor 8 for $10
Trees 2x3 framed watercolor $25
Colorado Spring 16x20 watercolor $150

Every painting Frankie Couch creates is an original.  She makes no copies.  All the concepts depicted are the result of her artistic vision so no two items will ever be exactly alike.

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